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In development

December 2121


Press Kit

What happens when you combine a hungry axolotl with an AK? You get a 'lotl of killing!

AK-xolotl is a top-down roguelite featuring the cutest amphibian. You’re an axolotl with an AK (duh!) that goes on a rampage, shooting down their next meal. Hunt, die, regenerate, repeat!


  • The cutest and deadliest roguelite action: with lots of hours of gameplay and great replayability value with features like: boss rush mode, daily runs, new game+, fishing and more!
  • Nurture and care for baby axolotls: that grow up to be playable, each with a customizable set of traits.
  • Hunt and obliterate your prey with tons of different weapons: melee, close-range, long-range, etc., you pick your own playstyle!
  • Multiple power-ups to beef up your Axolotl: yes, you have guns, but why not some extra powers as well, that not only make you mightier but add variety to the gameplay?!
  • Mem(e)orable enemies and bosses: Axolotl’s meal will be buffet style! Ducks that drop bombs? A gorilla holding a Gatling gun? A crab boss holding a knife? Yep, the pond residents are armed and they WILL fight back!
  • The ultimate pond inspired experience: beautiful pixel art graphics filled with pond-like details, filled with rich colors and a variety of different sceneries.
  • You are not just an apex predator, but also a Michelin chef: cook delicious recipes with all the ingredients you gather throughout your hunting adventures and become stronger!
  • Fully supported online leaderboards: because highscores only really matter if you can brag about it!



AK-xolotl is being developed by 2Awesome Studio


Console port and publishing by 2Awesome Studio