Lost Wing

Launch: Fall 2019
Price: $7.99 - 7.99€

Lost Wing is all about speed, guns and points, combining the adrenaline rush of Thumper with anti-gravity pod racing inspired by Wipeout. Set in a stunning sci-fi neon atmosphere to the tunes of an original electronic soundtrack.

Storm your way through brutally-challenging environments and destroy the mega bosses for a chance to top the leaderboards! Destroy, dodge or jump over obstacles, and slow-down time when it's getting a little too close for comfort - just get ready for when the world goes for a spin! Each track in the main campaign is procedurally generated so you will need quick reaction times and super-fast decision making to make it. Or play in one of the 3 extra playmodes with preset tracks. Feel the adrenaline rush and get ready for just one more try!.


      Test your reflexes in procedurally generated tracks in a campaign with 3 unique worlds..
      Show your might and destroy the Megabosses.
      3 extra playmodes in 9 preset tracks: Ultimate Speed, Slalom and Sprint.
      Ultimate speed - Quicker than any other track, and requiring fine control. Very hard to master.
      Slalom - Keep your combo going for as long as possible as the track gets faster and faster.
      Sprint - Figure out the best route through the track to achieve the highest possible score.
      High Definition Neon Sci-Fi atmosphere and acceleration infused original soundtrack.
      Unlock multiple ships and upgrade them with power ups.
      Compete against other players on the online leaderboards.


Lost Wing has been developed by BoxFrog Games


Console port and publishing by 2Awesome Partners