Horned Knight

Launch: Feb 2021
Price: $5.99 - 5.99€

Horned Knight is a platformer where the player controls a brave knight who wakes up inside a dungeon. Armed with his trusty sword, and being the holder of a horned helmet that grants him great skills , our protagonist will have to face great challenges to be able to leave the dungeon and find his family.

Do you believe in ghost stories? Well you should, because our protagonist is living one in his bones. For reasons that we still do not know, the King has locked our protagonist in the dungeons of his castle! Along more than 12 levels we will have to use all our skills to survive all kinds of dangers, and that includes facing great stage bosses who will demand all of our combat knowledge.


      Wall jump and air dash like a true champion of the dungeon in order to survive.
      Super hardcore levels where you can demonstrate your platforming mastery.
      Powerful bosses that will put the skills of the Horned Knight to the test.
      Pixel perfect 16bit style graphics.


Horned Knight has been developed by Josep Monzonís - 2kSomnis


Console port and publishing by 2Awesome Partners