About 2Awesome

2Awesome Studio

2Awesome Studio is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Founded on 2014 and based in Leiden, aims at adding awesomeness to reality by developing video games with new and addictive mechanics.

David and Alejandro work full time jobs at the space sector (European Space Agency) while they develop video games at 2Awesome Studio in their spare time. They plan to improve the real world by making it 2Awesome!

2Awesome Studio has worked on: Dimension Jumper, Brushed Away, Dimension Drive and Energy Rush.

2Awesome Team

David Jimenez

DavidDavid does programming, business development and PR, and is the Lead Game Designer of 2Awesome Studio. David Jimenez has a Telecommunication Engineering degree, and a MSc. in Information and Communication Technologies from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). He also has a Programmer diploma and a postgraduate diploma on Design and Development of Video Games from the Open University of Catalonia.

David has worked for the past eight years as a Satellite Radio Navigation Engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA) supporting Galileo and EGNOS programs. He has been Project Manager of many activities. This experience allows him to take care of the business development, planning and PR of 2Awesome Studio.

David has always envisioned creating his own videogames, now, in 2Awesome Studio he is finally able to accomplish that. He enjoys scuba diving, skiing and spending time with his family and his recently born son, Erik.

Alejandro Santiago

Alejandro SantiagoAlejandro does game design and is the Lead Programmer of 2Awesome Studio. With his extensive experience in software engineering is always keeping an eye on code reusability, code standards and performance.

Alejandro has a Software Engineering MSc (UOC) and a master course on Design and Development of Video Games from La Laguna University. He has been working as a Software Engineer for the past 12 years, the last 8 at the European Space Agency (ESA). Here at ESA he has been in multiple projects, from being part of the Rosetta’s Flight Control team developing custom software for satellite operations, to being part of the largest directorate at ESA being a Database administrator / developer.

Alejandro is passionate about videogames programming. A book about technology always travels with him, and developing videogames has been his dream since he was 13 years old. Also you will find him training for his next Iron Man event (long distance Triathlon).


Early History

David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago met back in 2006 here in the Netherlands despite being both originally from Barcelona (Spain). While working full time jobs at the European Space Agency as engineers, they started dreaming about developing videogames in their spare time. This was an old childhood dream for both, and over the years to follow they started developing them separately at first, while coursing different videogames related studies on top of their engineering degrees and full time jobs.

David developed Castle Walk, Tyrian Reborn and Super Stick Fighter 2 Turbo and took a special interest in game design with a strong focus on gameplay programming. Alejandro developed UltraMagic Balloons Target, AeonSpace fighters and UOC Race amongst others.

Team Up

Back in 2009 David and Alejandro teamed up and started sharing their passion about videogames development. Later on they started working on Dimension Jumper an Xbox Live Indie Game using XNA that never made it to market but that served as a stepping stone and background for the future. On January 2013, David and Alejandro started working together as 2Awesome Studio (even if not setup as a company at that time) and moved from XNA to Unity development.

Recent Activities

On January 2014, 2Awesome Studio participated to the Global Game Jam in Amsterdam where they collaborated with a group of artists and a musician and they developed a 2D platformer titled Kevin. After the Game Jam, some of the team members decided to push forward for 2 or 3 months in order to get a more polished demo (Brushed Away). In parallel, 2Awesome Studio had been developing Dimension Drive (a follow up of Dimension Jumper). Both Dimension Drive and Brushed Away were praised by the audience when they were showcased at Indievelopment 2014 in Utrecht. As a result, 2Awesome Studio was invited to showcase their games at Indie-Gameleon in Groningen and give a lecture on the process “From Game Jam to Actual Game”.

2Awesome Studio now works on Energy Rush an upcoming 2D racing platformer for tablets, mobile, PC and Mac (other platforms under study) based on the experience from Brushed Away. 2Awesome keeps developing Dimension Drive in parallel.